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Sell Annuity Payments

What is an Annuity?
Much like a structured settlement, an annuity is designed to pay out a stream of money to an individual over an extended period of time. Structured settlements in fact, are through the purchase of one or more annuity. Thereby, annuities make up a structured settlement.

Originally designed to help people secure a fixed and stable cash flow for their retirement years, annuities can come to people in the forms of turning a large lump sum from a lawsuit or a lottery winning into a stream of payments to be paid out to the annuitant over the span of months, years, or even decades.

Annuities can come in an array of different forms. An annuity can begin right away, or the payments can be deferred until later in the annuitant’s life (For example, if a minor won a settlement through a lawsuit, the payments could be deferred until the age of eighteen).

There are typically two types of annuities an individual can enter into: a fixed annuity, or a variable annuity:

A Fixed Annuity is structured to pay the annuitant an established, pre-determined (fixed) number of periodic payments.

A Variable Annuity, however, is established to pay the annuitant payments based on the annuities variable value. If the investment of the variable annuity funds are doing well then the annuitant will be set to receive the benefit of the gains of that investment; and on the contrary, if the investment of the variable annuity funds are not doing well, then the annuitant will receive smaller payments. Variable annuities are not as stable and consistent as a fixed annuity, but allow the annuitant to reap the benefits if the investment is successful.

Can I Sell My Annuity?


Many individuals who receive an annuity from a lawsuit or from winning the lottery sometimes find themselves faced with the immediate need to access their funds – which can pose as problematic if those funds are not to be made available to them for months, years, or even decades down the road! We are here to help! We understand that people have financial needs, and sometimes emergencies arise in which we need money as soon as possible. Not being able to access YOUR OWN money at these times can prove to be highly frustrating and problematic when in dire need.

Our Annuity Account Specialists work with you to devise a step-by-step financial plan that will satisfy and meet all of your financial goals. We want you to have a clear understanding of each step of the process and understand all the possible benefits you can attain through cashing out your annuity. Our Annuity Account Specialists are highly experienced individuals who have a true and genuine concern for your best interest. They are here to help you understand what your annuity is worth, how to get the most from it today, and the best way to secure those funds for your future. Each Annuity Account Specialist is well-equipped to provide you with a personalized financial portfolio that outlines your investment plan and highlights investment opportunities that will allow you to capitalize on your money from your annuity.

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